Rectify, LLC is a family-owned business with offices in Indianapolis and Boonville, Indiana.  We strive to promote energy efficiency, sustainability, and helping our customers to save money with solar installation, installation of electric vehicle charging stations, and we sell do it yourself solar panel kits in our shop.

With a heritage of 500+ completed solar installations and 10+ years experience, we are confident that you will be pleased with our quality installations and your beautiful, reliable, award winning system.  We offer zero down financing for ANY energy efficiency upgrade when paired with solar*.  We offer an unmatched 25 year warranty on our solar products and a 10 year warranty on our installation services.

Safety and quality is our top priority. That's why we are trained in OSHA safety, as well as certified by the EPA in lead safety.

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I graduated from Bloomington High School North, where I attended Hoosier Hills Career Center for Building Trades and Architectural and Mechanical drafting.  After receiving top honors at the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA) building competition, I further pursued my aspirations in the construction Industry by graduating from Vincennes University with a degree in Construction Technology.  In 2002 I was hired at a remodeling company in Martinsville, IN where I was able to put my skills to use.  I joined the Sheet-Metal Union apprentice program in 2004.

2006 was a big turning point in my life.  I moved across the country to Santa Cruz, CA, where I initially worked for a developer doing Quality Control work, and quickly moved into the role of Superintendant.  I realized being efficient on a job site made a huge impact on quality and overall performance, and I decided to incorporate my new found love for efficiency in all aspects of my life.  In 2007 I moved into Installing Photovoltaic Systems for one of the top solar installation companies in the nation. There, I led installation teams performing approximately 500 installs in three years.  I ended the company’s installation era as the Safety and Training Coordinator/Technician.  In 2011, I began training companies all over the globe on how to install award winning solar panels.  2012 saw me become the company’s California c46 license holder.  Approaching the summer of 2013, Rectify Solar, LLC became a sure thing.  That year I became EPA – RRP Certified, which maintains a safe working environment free from lead.  In 2014, I became a trained Home Energy Audit Inspector.   




I am originally from Bloomington, Indiana, where I attended Indiana University and received a BS in Nutrition and Chemistry.  Upon graduation I worked in SPEA in their Environmental Research lab, where we were collecting and analyzed data for the EPA on CO2 emissions and water contamination of pesticides and PCBs of the great lakes area.

In 2008 I started researching and learning about the solar industry, and performed my first install that year. In 2012 I started my training for the NABCEP certification.  In 2013 I formed Rectify LLC. in response to the ever increasing utility bills and the plummeting solar costs.  Currently, I am also pursuing an Energy Engineering degree through IUPUI to fulfill various aspects in our business plan, such that, our slogan, "Your Bridge to Efficiency and Sustainability" will come to fruition.

In 2014: I became a Board Member of the Indiana Renewable Energy Association (InREA) and helped to coordinate the 2014 Indy East-side Solar Tour, in which Rectify had more installations than any other company. I have been a panelist for the solar industry for the Monroe County Builders Association, for the Sierra Club, and given multiple solar presentations to schools, non-profits, and businesses throughout the state.




Scott Teter is a Bloomington, IN native, worked at Otis Elevator for 12 years as a maintenance tech, and has received a degree in Industrial Maintenance from Ivy Tech. Scott is a retired veteran Sergeant First Class of the Army. Scott holds an Advanced Solar PV Certification by NABCEP, and has also worked for ALCOA in the maintenance department for the past 9 years.