The LumenCache platform replaces traditional 110V AC power distribution in buildings with a new standard more appropriate to the low power needs and digital capabilities of electronic devices including LED lights. 

 Benefits over traditional AC LED lights:

  • Separation of the luminary from the driver
  • Inexpensive wiring
  • Flexible and easy installation
  • Safe Class 2 power
  • Resilient battery backed operation
  • Smart sensors and operation
  • Efficient operation
  • Reliable, Low-maintenance


LumenCache Lighting System installed in modern home

LumenCache lighting system


Where can I use LumenCache Lighting?
  LumenCache Legacy line is ideal for residential new construction, offices, schools, restaurants, sports and theme bars, condos, townhomes, hospitals, elder-care facilities, remodels, barns, labs, machine shops, nurseries, luxury yachts, off-grid homes, bamboo huts, eco-tourism lodges, home theaters, swanky hipster clubs, you get the picture. It’s a long list! LumenCache is appropriate to install anywhere you want to get lots of lights, be able to control and dim them perfectly, utilize the energy efficient lighting model and/or automate the lights and blinds.
Is there any application where it’s NOT recommended?
  Yes. LumenCache separates the LED driver from the luminary so it needs to send DC from the lighting panel to the light. For most lighting applications LumenCache can easily suport up to 1000′ from the closet to the lights. However, DC power does not like to go long distances at HIGH CURRENT, so huge lights that draw 48W placed at long distances from the PDMs are not practical for DC distribution applications. This includes high-bay lights in convention halls and street lights that are far apart. Residential floodlights are fine due to the relatively short cable runs.
Lasts forever, inexpensive to install, safe, perfect control, super light output and color, battery backup…ok, how much does it cost?
  Total installed cost is within 10% of an old-style 110V AC dimmed LED lighting package like a Lutron or Control4 system. Installation typically costs less. When you get above 85 lights, LumenCache tends to cost LESS than AC LED systems.
LumenCache is like nothing I’ve seen before. Is it Patented?
  Two US Patents Pending covering everything from the modular design to the unique adaptive controls.
I can get 110V AC LED bulbs everywhere. Where do I get LumenCache lights?
  All LED lights contain the compatible LED but it’s much easier to buy lights specifically made for LumenCache. These fixtures typically include the RJ45 connector or Smart SIB built-in. You can remotely connect an Adapter SIB to any Constant Current or Constant Voltage LED light that does not have an AC driver embedded in it. Dozens of fixture manufacturers are starting to make LumenCache compatible fixtures and LEDs.