2.52KW in Muncie, Indiana for EcoRehab

Here is a 2.52 kw install for EcoRehab in Muncie, IN.  This project features 3 south facing 315w modules and 5 east facing modules using Solar Edge with Optimizers.  This home will be net zero!

71kw Solar Installation in Bloomington, IN

Here is a 70.98kw solar installation using 273 260w modules and using Enphase Micro-Inverters.  This project included a new Decra tile roof installation, along with the solar modules.

55kw Solar Installation Ft. Wayne, IN

Here is a 55.12kw solar installation in Ft. Wayne, IN.  This project features 212 solar modules installed on a metal roof.    The building’s roof had an east/west orientated roof line; using special clamps, we were able to secure the modules to the underlying support beams and with using the integrated racking system on the modules, we were also able to bring the pitch up to 20deg to the south, to enhance energy production.  All this paired up with Solar Edge inverters with Optimizers.

21kw Solar Installation in Carmel IN for St. Peter’s United Christian Church

Here is a 21.165kw solar installation for St. Peter’s United Christian Church in Carmel, IN.  This install features 83 255w modules and using Solar Edge inverters with Optimizers.  This ballasted flat roof mount install also has no penetrations, with a tilt of 10deg.  With the Grant from Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light, this church will have a very fast ROI.  This is also the first commercial solar installation in Carmel Indiana.

9kw solar installation in Greenwood, IN

Here is a 9kw solar installation using Canadian Solar modules and string inverters.  This install features 24 east facing and 12 south facing modules.  This install got HOA approval as well!

13.75 kw Youth Opportunity Center, Muncie, IN

Here are 55 American made Andalay Solar 250w modules installed on the Youth Opportunity Center in Muncie, IN.  We decided to go with the Soladecks because this would allow us to take our AC wiring from the Enphase micro-inverters into the attic space and eliminate the need for conduit on the roof.  This paired up with the ultra low profile modules, gives a very good aesthetic appearance.  We also decided to upgrade the load center, so that YOC could easily expand their system in the future.

3.38 kw Rooftop installation, Broadripple, Indianapolis, IN

Here are 13 Hyundai-Andalay TG modules installed, to help mitigate the afternoon shading, we decided to go with Enphase micro-inverters.  This homeowner also decided to go with the Enphase Envoy monitoring system, and a Revenue Grade meter to capitalize on the SREC market for his energy production and get paid for producing excess power.

19.80 kw Ground Mount Attica, IN


Here is a Ground Mount installation featuring 60 American made 330w Suniva modules and using Solar Edge with Optimizers.  It took 325ft of trenching to bring the wiring to the customer’s home. This home owner is proudly Net Zero.